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TOPIC: Modelcollect T-72AV

Modelcollect T-72AV 13 Feb 2020 19:14 #1

I started this 1/72 scale T-72AV by Modelcollect a year ago hoping or more like thinking "A nice quick build." Well things drug out and I finally wrapped it up the first week of February. I'll try and show some of the steps of the build.

For a number of years now I've been watching YouTube videos of Syrian tanks running wild in the towns and streets of Syria. Kinda cool watching them. Plus I really like how beat up and weathered they are.

First off the kit is probably one of the best 1/72 scale tanks I've built. The lower hull is cast metal, upper hull is nice along with the turret. The tracks I say are the down side to the kit. If I find some in resin I might replace them.

I cut off some of the fenders on the upper hull and put casting textures on the turret with a mix of Squadron gray putty and liquid cement. I trimmed up the side skirts too.

I placed some styrene on the under side of the hull to plug the openings

The I didn't put the reactive armor bricks totally right on the turret so check and recheck your reference before gluing

The reactive armored for the side skirts were molded as one piece. I sanded down the back sides until they were separated into individual bricks. Then glued them on. I think this really helped them look more realistic

I made new head light guards from copper wire

I made some sand bags out of Milliput to cover the separation line on the upper hull that I was not happy with

Painting up next
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Modelcollect T-72AV 13 Feb 2020 19:40 #2

Painting this little should not to be bad right? :hmmm

I primered it in Tamiya gray. Might not have been the best choice as so much of the was gray plastic

I then shot it in Ammo by Mig Syrian yellow. I mixed some in lighter shades for highlights. A tip here the Ammo paints do not take handling well, so make sure to clear the model well when using their paint.

I then hand painted the sand bags in Vallejo off white and a green.

For the chipping I used a torn piece of foam and Vallejo German grey to start. Then I used Russian green. I used Tamiya washes to help with bringing out some of the details. On some of the reactive armor bricks I used different colors of was to change the tint of the base color.

I got a head of myself and tried some oil paints for oil, grease and fuel spills.

Okay this step is where I started to like of this was looking. I mixed up some pigments and kept applying them in thin coats.

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Modelcollect T-72AV 13 Feb 2020 19:50 #3

Finish project.

The track was painted with Humbrol hull red then dry brushed with Humbrol light grey. I added pigment to them before installing. The tracks are really tight and hard to get on. The left one ended up breaking off the return rollers and the front ideler wheel.

There are some little touch ups I need to do but calling it done.

Finally something to call done. :popcorn
"Damn they made me put out the candle"

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Modelcollect T-72AV 19 Feb 2020 17:31 #4

Whoa! Nice build Jeff, another thread I almost missed. Glad you got some bench and posting time. :thumbsup
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Modelcollect T-72AV 28 Feb 2020 23:40 #5

Beautiful job Jeff! It's nice to see another Modelcollect kit being built. You did a simply magnificent job on that little tank. I need to get that Syrian version they put out. I doubt I will detail it to that extent, but I have this subscribed so I can look back on it for ideas once I finally get one.

Way to go once again Jeff! That was a fast and exceptionally well done job!

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